How to add an expense/income without using scan function?

Scanning a receipt involves extra cost on Foreceipt side. So free users have very limited scans (you can watch ads video to earn free scans).  

But if you want to enter receipt manually without using scanning, there is less limitation.  You can add the receipt data, then attach receipt image (optional).  Paid user can use both the web version ( or the app to enter receipt manually without any limitation.

For income, there is no scan function. Please always use this function to enter your income details and attach the invoice picture.
In the app, please follow the below instruction to add an expense manually.

1. Click on the “+ Add” button at the bottom of your screen.

2.Tap on each item to update the information of the expense. Tap on arrow down button for more options.

3. Use the camera icon at the bottom to attach receipt image or take a picture of the receipt if you want to add proof for the expense. 

Click the check mark icon to save your information. You will be led back to the “Receipts” screen. You’re done!

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