How to search receipts or quickly find a receipt for refund? (Video Demo)

Please check the below video demonstration for searching a receipt for refund:

The most powerful search function is on the web version at  

Here is more text description about the searching function on the app.

On receipts screen, we provide 2 tabs: "List by Receipt Date" and "List by Date Created" for you to quickly view all receipts by receipt date or by date the receipt was added to the app.

1. Search
Step 1: On Receipts screen, please click on the Search icon on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2: You can search by inputting any information you remember about the receipt such as name of merchant, total amount, category, payment method or even tag of the receipt and so on.

2. Filter
From Receipts screen, there are many ways for you to filter your receipts:
  • Filter by month or year
  • Filter by exact date or date range
  • Advanced Filter by other criteria
Filter by month or year
To filter receipts by month or year, you can tap on the Month drop down highlighted in the below screen:

It will open the following section for you to select a month or for a whole year:

Filter by exact date or date range
If you want to filter your receipt by the exact start date and end date, click the "Custom Date" on the above screen, you will come to the below data range selection screen. After you select the start date and end date, tap on the check mark icon to finish. Your receipts are now filtered by the exact date range:

Advanced Filter
Step 1: Tap on the “Filter” icon highlighted on the below screen:

Step 2: It will open the below filter selection screen. Tap the criteria you want to do for the filter. Once you are finished, please click on the check mark button to apply filter.

You can click on the “Clear All Filters” to cancel all filters. 

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