How to generate well-formatted Excel report? (Video Demo)

Please check the below video for a quick demonstration:

Once you login to the web version at, click the Reports menu described in the below picture:

Then click "Add Report" button on the above screen, you will come to the following report search criteria screen.  Define all search criteria, date range, by Receipt date or Date Created, set the report name ...

Then click "Save & Preview", you will come to the following screen. 

Click the above "Return To List", you will go back to the report list page.

Click the "Excel Report" button, you will get the following Excel report with the following 5 worksheets:
1. Report Criteria ------------------- The criteria to get all the receipts in this report
2. Pie Chart --------------------------- Expense and income pie chart summary by category
3. Summary --------------------------- Expense and income summary by category/subcategory
4. Monthly Expense Summary --- Expense summary by month and by category/subcategory
5. Monthly Income Summary ----- Income summary by month and by category/subcategory  
6. Receipts ---------------------------- Individual receipt list. You can use the last column with a URL to see the receipt image(s).  

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